Written through the eyes of a single girl, “Liv To Tell…because some things are better off said…” reveals the joys, trials and tribulations of her journey to self-discovery.

It may not be perfect, but it definitely won’t be boring with stories, reviews and thoughts on her friends, family, travels plus the shitload of other stuff she loves like booze, gadgets, music, movies, football (or soccer to you Americans), and photography. Boy, that was a mouthful but you get the picture. 

Brace yourselves. This is going to be one helluva ride. Welcome to a journey of infinite misdirections.


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I Sometimes Drink Alone At Night. Does It Make Me An Alcoholic?

I recently discovered, on separate occasions, that two of my drinking buddies hold off on their liquor at home. While they may have a stash within reach, they NEVER feel the need to grab a beer or crack open a bottle of wine. Not once, not even whilst watching a game, a movie or merely for a nightcap. Even if the temptation arises, they’d think it odd to do so.

I found this thoroughly intriguing and what was equally amusing was that they find it surprising that I do. Never in a million years would they have pegged me as one who drinks at home; alone. They worry I’m an alcoholic. Continue reading

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